Monday, September 27, 2010

We had a great time this weekend with the Joy Bank Workshop.

Tori's (owner of Pigment School of the Arts) vision

Louisa Burk's Joy Bank

Peggy and her beautiful Joy Bank

Sue's creative one.

Shannon Hollandsworth perfection at work.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

What is the Joy Bank Workshop?

First, it is a creative workshop where you will make your own Joy Bank. Everyone will get the base materials of a set of wings and a heart shaped box that will be the center piece. The heart will become your bank or a place to make deposits (I will explain that later). 
Prior to the workshop, each guest is asked to collect items in a box that bring them joy; i.e. photos, feathers, rocks, dried flowers, small collectables, trinkets, wall paper, fabric, etc....  and bring them to the workshop. Lots of materials and tools are supplied, but you supply the personal items. The photograph on the invite is the Joy Bank I made with an wooden antique heart as the center. Below you can see Joy Banks that other people made in this workshop. For 30 days after the workshop you write on a piece of paper an action you will do, each day, that will be about joy, and place it inside the heart. Instead of depositing money into your bank we will deposit JOY. You will become a Joy Banker!