Monday, February 14, 2011

Creative Joy Bank Workshop - Saturday, July 14, 2018

Create your own JOY BANK in a fun-filled workshop designed to
deepen your life experience of JOY through heartfelt play, visualization and
journaling, and create your own whimsical winged JOY BANK.

Artist and designer, Katherine Baronet, will support you in developing and understanding ways to express Joy in your life. In this creative workshop we will discover our playful selves through writing, guided visualization and creating your own Joy Bank to be filled with Joy deposits for 30 days! Become Joy Bankers. A PERFECT VALENTINE GIFT TO YOURSELF.

“Joy is something we choose, it doesn't just happen, we can create it consciously.”

TIME, DATE AND LOCATION: 11-3:30pm, Saturday, July 14, 2018, My Studio 2E2, 3309 Elm St., The Continental Gin Building,

WORKSHOP Fee: Registration $79
Limited class size so reservations are needed asap 214.724.1458. Materials Supplied, but please bring personal items to individualize your JOY BANK. More details are given at registration. Good for ages 12 to 100.

Reservations Required or if you have any questions please call or email: or call 214.724.1458

Special feather Karen

Kristin the bird lover.

Blakeley and her nature design.

Wild on the inside Judy H.

More about words Liz